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If you are after the best tips, guides and reviews on all the best casino games out there right now, then Play Magazine is the place to find all that. This website magazine has up-to-date news on all the goings on in the casino world, from big wins in Vegas, to step-by-step casino guides on how to win big on Blackjack. We really do offer the whole range, and are excited to share it with you.

We offer beginner guides too in the different kinds of games you can expect to find in the casinos both in real and online, and how is best to go about playing them, so below are three of the popular games to play, and what makes them so special.

Played in almost every casino in the world, this is arguably the best card game to be played between the player and dealer. The aim is to get as close to 21 as possible, whilst also beating the dealer for the total hand total. What makes this game tough is that anything over 21 is considered a ‘bust’ and your hand is void, so it is a matter or deciding when is the right time to call it quits and ‘stand’. There can be an element of skill involved in figuring out the sequences of the cards about to be dealt, known as ‘counting cards’, however it takes years of practice to perfect and is only done by the most experienced of players.

Three Card Poker
A variation of normal Texas Hold’em poker, this game is done exclusively between the player and dealer, with the aim of the game to score a better poker hand than the dealer, using the standard poker scoring system with the three cards. Seen as a game that is relatively easy to win, the house edge comes from the fact that the dealer is only in play with a queen high, meaning any ‘Play’ bet is void if they do not reach the requirements. A fun game to be enjoyed by the novice gambler, it can create a winning profit very quickly.

Video Slots
Simple yet fun and effective, these are found all over the world and online, and can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for all to be had, as the allure of winning one of the big progressive jackpots can sometimes prove too much, play from one line to fifty, and enjoy the great looking games on offer and you can’t go wrong, this is very quickly becoming the most popular casino game to play on the internet.

These games are just some of the hundreds that are ready to be played on all kinds of internet casinos, and these three are just the favourites here at Play Magazine! Take a look at some of the casino sites we have on offer to you now, and start experiencing the fun of online casino gambling now.

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